#Save 7 Campaign Launch

It’s Thursday the 13th of November 2014, Rite Studios heads to Gallo Manor to cover a press junket for The Organ Donor & Spur Foundation’s. Graciously, the Silver Pines Spur have provided the venue and you can immediately tell that the big wigs from Spur are passionate about this moving cause.

Allen Ambor the Executive Chairman of Spur Corporation was among the first to greet the team. First impression was that this man or rather ‘philanthropist’ has a passion for life and a fervour that can only be defined as an appreciation for ‘A taste for life!’


Allen opens the press junket by introducing us to a lovely girl by the name of Jenna Lowe, who could not be there in person due to the fact that she has an extremely rare, degenerative and life-threatening condition called Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Jenna is currently undergoing arduous 24/7 treatments and our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Jenna is an incredibly inspirational young lady and we should all show her our support by checking out her #GetMeTo21 campaign.

One of the main reasons we are all here today is about raising awareness on organ donation in SA. Spur foundation and ODF are about to launch an exciting new campaign called #Save7. #Save7 is a Facebook, online and mobile based application, with the aim of getting people in SA to register as organ donors. If you had the power to #save7 of your closest friends, who would they be? One Organ Donor can #save7 lives, we all have the ability to do this and become superheroes!

The speakers have all been heartfelt and moving and there are a lot of people wiping their eyes and clearing their throats. Among the speakers was Mosa Mphore, a kidney transplant recipient and Founder & CEO of an NPO, the Open Eye Foundation, which aims to build a healthier and more informed nation by sharing information and raising awareness on organ donation in SA. 

Alice Vogt, double lung transplant recipient spoke about cheating death and even talks about it on her own blog which documents her entire journey http://livinglifebreathlessly.blogspot.com/.   

Dudu Mosethle, awaiting a kidney transplant and is actively involved with ODF and creating awareness for South Africans.

Ntsoaki Sakhela, transplant coordinator at one of the state hospitals is an active supporter and forerunner of organ donation especially among the African communities.

Debbie Horak, who tragically lost her in July this year, bravely got up and described how her family had to make the toughest decision of their lives decision for her son to do one more act of kindness by donating his organs. She is a remarkable lady and will do whatever it takes to create awareness about organ donation in SA.

Only 0.2% of SA's population are registered as organ donors, which is a shocking statistic when compared to the United States where 37% of the population are registered donors. South Africa is desperate for donors. You can make a difference. Become an organ donor and #Save7 lives....

For more information visit;

[Website]: www.odf.org.za, www.save7.co.za, www.jennalowe.org, www.getmeto21.com

[Facebook]: www.facebook.com/organdonorfan

[Twitter]: @I_Am_AreYou_SA

Written by: Jonty Herman

Monster Supercross Africa Event Day

Rite Studios is back in Pretoria for the second day now. We’ve come to Loftus Versfeld for the much anticipated Monster Energy Supercross Africa! This is going to be an epic day of bikes, dirt and gorgeous girls. Time to head up to the press box to stock up on monster energy drinks and meet with our friend & colleague Dale Kopping of DKExpressions.

From up here we can see everything going down on the track. Hard to believe that a few days before this was a rugby field and now we are staring at a world-class Supercross track. It’s truly an impressive sight to see. The excitement in the air is electric. No time to sit around let’s get trackside and prepare for the action to start.

As expected the stands are starting to fill up nicely. The crowd is eagerly anticipating the fast-paced action that we are no doubt about to see. We can also expect some Freestyle Motocross on the itinerary for today, some of the riders will be entertaining the audience with their awesome abilities on the ramp.

So as the action starts Rite Studios is trackside right in the midst of it all. Dirt flying all over the place, exhaust fumes hitting us in the face, bikes flying past at an impressive speed for the relatively small space the track is built on. What an amazing opportunity to be here, to witness the skill and bravery of these riders. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the riders and they are down to earth and generally a great bunch of guys.

The prelims have been nothing less than nail biting. Then audience are all perched on the edge of their seats. As the clash to see who will make it through to the next round ensues, there are people from all walks of life screaming and cheering as one. Who knew that this was going to turn out to be such an impressive showcase? Furthermore, we have a few local boys out there, who seem to be holding their own against their overseas competitors quite well. Hopefully we will see at least one South Africans on the Podium.

Watching the drama unfold, and the tensions build, we can feel the pressure mounting on the riders as the Final race approaches. The semi’s catching everyone by surprise, some of the favourites have been knocked out and we will have to wait and see what will happen in this upcoming finale.

The final race was completely incredible! The favourite of the day, Josh Hill [USA], taking 1st place and the $20,000 prize. 2nd place was Cody Gilmore [USA], walking away with a cool $10,000. As hoped we had a South African represent on the podium, Michael Docherty coming in 3rd place, snatching that $5,000 and the cred of being the only South African up there at the end of the day.


For more information visit;

[Website]: www.supercrossafrica.co.za

[Facebook]: www.facebook.com/ SupercrossAfrica

[Twitter]: @SX_Africa

[Instagram]: @SX_Africa

Written by: Jonty Herman

Monster Supercross Africa Practice Day

It’s Friday the 31st of October 2014 and Rite Studios has been in Pretoria for the day. We’ve come to check out Loftus Versfeld and the Monster Energy Supercross Africa practice session.

Well needless to say we had no clue what we were walking into… On arrival we soon realised that this was going to be a world class event. The entire pitch at Loftus was being transformed into a fully-fledged Supercross track. The constant beeping of Bulldozers and earthmovers manoeuvring around, creating the track in front of our eyes. Impressed is an understatement.

So after walking the track and inspecting the pits, we can hear the roar of the bikes begin to echo around the stadium. Sending shivers down our spines, the clamor of engines reverberates throughout Loftus, a completely foreign sound in the home Blue-Bulls rugby. Foreign but exciting. Now its time to see some of the riders skills. Josh Hill, Darryn Durham, Wyatt Avis, Michael Kok, Blake “Bilko” Williams and many more will be hitting the track this weekend.

Saturday will consist of timed practices and 2 qualifying heats will kick off the event at 5pm, followed by a FMX (Freestyle Motocross) show.  A semi final heat, before the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) will see the 40 rider field narrowed down to the 20 rider final race. The Event’s Final races will be held after Sunset to allow for the full Lights, Pyrotechnics and Racing to reach a spectacular climax, followed by an After Party with the Monster Energy Girls that will go on till late.

The winner of the Monster Energy Supercross Africa will walk away with twenty thousand US dollars, the second place will pay out ten thousand dollars and the third position will get a cool five thousand, making Supercross Africa the biggest purse in South African motorsport.

For more information visit;

[Website]: www.supercrossafrica.co.za

[Facebook]: www.facebook.com/ SupercrossAfrica

[Twitter]: @SX_Africa

[Instagram]: @SX_Africa

Written by: Jonty Herman