Pecanwood Golf & Country Club

Today the team has driven up to North West Province. We’ve come to shoot on location at Pecanwood Golf & Country Club, situated on the picturesque waters of Hartbeespoort Dam.

A Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, beautifully crafted to test your skills to their fullest. The fairways are lush and welcoming, the greens all flawlessly manicured and with 111 bunkers you’re sand wedge might get some mileage on it!

Peaconwood Golf&Country club with Donovan Corinaldi.png

Donovan Corinaldi, the Golf Director at Pecanwood, takes us on a sunrise tour of the course before it opens to the public. What a magnificent way to start the day. The sun rises over the dam with breath-taking wonder. The striking silence sets the mood, as we take in the scene, in one the most beautiful locations Rite Studios has had the pleasure of filming.

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Written by: Jonty Herman