Monster Supercross Africa Event Day

Rite Studios is back in Pretoria for the second day now. We’ve come to Loftus Versfeld for the much anticipated Monster Energy Supercross Africa! This is going to be an epic day of bikes, dirt and gorgeous girls. Time to head up to the press box to stock up on monster energy drinks and meet with our friend & colleague Dale Kopping of DKExpressions.

From up here we can see everything going down on the track. Hard to believe that a few days before this was a rugby field and now we are staring at a world-class Supercross track. It’s truly an impressive sight to see. The excitement in the air is electric. No time to sit around let’s get trackside and prepare for the action to start.

As expected the stands are starting to fill up nicely. The crowd is eagerly anticipating the fast-paced action that we are no doubt about to see. We can also expect some Freestyle Motocross on the itinerary for today, some of the riders will be entertaining the audience with their awesome abilities on the ramp.

So as the action starts Rite Studios is trackside right in the midst of it all. Dirt flying all over the place, exhaust fumes hitting us in the face, bikes flying past at an impressive speed for the relatively small space the track is built on. What an amazing opportunity to be here, to witness the skill and bravery of these riders. We had the pleasure of meeting some of the riders and they are down to earth and generally a great bunch of guys.

The prelims have been nothing less than nail biting. Then audience are all perched on the edge of their seats. As the clash to see who will make it through to the next round ensues, there are people from all walks of life screaming and cheering as one. Who knew that this was going to turn out to be such an impressive showcase? Furthermore, we have a few local boys out there, who seem to be holding their own against their overseas competitors quite well. Hopefully we will see at least one South Africans on the Podium.

Watching the drama unfold, and the tensions build, we can feel the pressure mounting on the riders as the Final race approaches. The semi’s catching everyone by surprise, some of the favourites have been knocked out and we will have to wait and see what will happen in this upcoming finale.

The final race was completely incredible! The favourite of the day, Josh Hill [USA], taking 1st place and the $20,000 prize. 2nd place was Cody Gilmore [USA], walking away with a cool $10,000. As hoped we had a South African represent on the podium, Michael Docherty coming in 3rd place, snatching that $5,000 and the cred of being the only South African up there at the end of the day.


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Written by: Jonty Herman